The word lead comes from an Old English word meaning “guide”.  The Oxford English Dictionary says that “lead” means to “show someone the way to a destination by preceding them or accompanying them”.  At Fairfax Consulting we exist to help guide you and accompany you on your journey to becoming a great leader.  

Being a leader today, let alone a great leader is no easy task.  We live in a fast changing world of intense global competition, technological revolutions and flatter leaner organizations.  Companies operate in a fluid combination of mergers, joint ventures and informal alliances.  Career advancement is no longer linear, tenure is shorter and outsourcing is growing.  Today’s leader must be decisive yet flexible and must be willing to take unpopular stands yet be a superb listener.  Such a leader must have excellent communication skills, be able to mentor those around them, convert their superiors and boards to be strong advocates, yet all the while remain humble and calm amidst the successes and trials of life.  The challenges to today’s leader have never been greater.  

At Fairfax Consulting, we are your trusted adviser.  We are your advocate.  We work solely for your interests.  We are your confidential sounding board.  Where can today’s leader turn for ‘true’ advice?  ‘True’ advice consists not as much in giving opinions, but more in the asking of good questions.  Such questions, grounded in knowledge and experience, help leaders uncover their own answers.  

At Fairfax Consulting, we have a lifetime of experience in leadership.  Our passion is to use that experience and understanding to help you become the leader you have always dreamed of being.