The word “coach” is most often thought of today in reference to a sports coach.  However, the original meaning of the word “coach” referred to a particular kind of carriage.  Hence the original meaning of the verb“to coach” means to convey a valued person from where he or she was to where he or she wanted to be.  

At Fairfax Consulting, we help leaders achieve defined objectives.  We help them fulfill their dreams and make their visions come alive.  Good coaching is transformational and engages the hearts and minds of the leader.  It empowers leaders to move forward in their lives and to engage the culture of their organization.  Coaching guides the person from where they are to where they truly want to be.    

Coaching gives leaders a safe place to reflect, to dream, to be honest and to be vulnerable.  Coaching helps leaders get to the core of their own values and beliefs.  Coaching help leaders get to the heart of the issue.  Coaching helps leaders make sense out of confusion and helps leaders find solutions to seemingly impossible problems.  Coaches encourage, probe and question.  Coaches ask hard questions, sometimes very hard thought provoking questions that cut to the soul of the leader.  Coaching distills the essence of an issue to its core.

Coaching works because it provides objectivity to issues that are sometimes painful, threatening and emotionally charged.  Difficult issues often are.  Coaching helps leaders make the choices they are comfortable with and that they believe are right.  

Coaching is not therapy, it is not consulting, it is not counseling.  The best executive coaching clients are highly functional and mentally healthy individuals.  Coaching comes alongside a leader.  Coaching is a partnership between the leader and the coach.  

Coaches listen, they support, they tell the truth.  Coaches are your advocate.  Coaches help you clarify your values, set goals and create possibilities.  Coaches can help you find a new perspective.  

Coaches do not have the answers.  They have the questions that lead to the answers.  Coaching works because it is objective and confidential.  Coaches help you get to where you never dreamed was possible.