Executive coaching provides a sounding board, a safe place to reflect amidst the chaos and crises of corporate life.  It is solely focused on your development.  Executive coaching helps you determine where you want to go and helps get you there as fast as possible.  Executive coaching clarifies, distills and simplifies.  It holds you accountable for what you want to be held accountable for.  Executive coaching helps you be your best self.  It supports, it honors, it celebrates.  It provides a safe place of trust.  Executive coaching is objective.  It helps you make sound reasoned decisions.  Executive coaching deepens self awareness, increases your knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses and helps you lead in light of that.  Executive coaching helps you get in touch with who you really are and helps you design your role in harmony with this.  

According to Manchester Consulting, the top reasons companies seek executive coaches are to sharpen the leadership skills of high potential individuals, improve communication skills and ensure the success of newly promoted managers.  Also according to Manchester Consulting, the most important tangible benefits of executive coaching are higher productivity, greater quality and increased organizational strength; while the most important intangible benefits are improved communication, greater teamwork and higher job satisfaction.  The International Coaching Federation says that clients say coaching improves self awareness and helps them set better goals.  Their data show that clients see their coaches as a sounding board who will really listen and give honest feedback, who will motivate them and in some cases be their mentor and friend.  In this same survey 99% of coaching clients said that their investment in a coach was well worth the money.  

What does the data say about the size and financial impact of executive coaching?  The Harvard Business Review says that the annual spending on executive coaching in the United States is estimated to be $1 billion.  25% to 40% of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaching and the numbers are growing according to the Hay Group.  Leading companies such as IBM, Boeing, American Express, Verizon and Ford all use executive coaching.  A study by Manchester Consulting showed that the return on investment in executive coaching was over 5.5 times the initial investment in executive coaching, with an average return of nearly $100,000.  While the size of the benefit will be partly related to the size of the company, the study shows that the benefits of executive coaching are substantial.